The Covid-19 pandemic has halted most live theater performance in the US and around the world. The performing arts community is hurting badly as hundreds of thousands of industry professionals are without work, insurance or a path forward.  I'm remaining optimistic that we will be back. 


We are the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk

  and we will thrive again.

SO...  looking forward to October 2021, when I am slotted to perform the premier of:

  • Michael-Todd Smyth in Untitled at Pittsburgh CLO



Once at CLO
as William Gillette
as Harry Dangle
Woody Guthrie's American Song
Lord Astor/Ensemble in "Peter and th
as Richard Russell
as the mask teacher
Mr Price in "The Ghost Train"
Da in "Once"
Giles Corey in "The Crucible"
Da in "Once" OTC
Old Joe, "A Christmas Carol" Hangar Thea
Beverly in August Osage County
Caldwell Cladwell
As Richard Russell in "All the Way"
Once CLO 1
Mr Lawrence in "Little Women"
As Cardinal Wolsey in "King Henry VIII"
Giles Corey in "The Crucible"
Mr Price in "The Ghost Train"
Once CLO 4
as Da in "Once" at Theatre Squared with
Rule of Thumb
As Mr Lawrence in "Little Women" at the New London Barn
as Da in _Once_ at Theatre Squared..
my headshot
as William GIllette
The Schoolmaster "A Christmas Carol" Han
The Ghost Train - Centenary Stage Co
as Gaston
as Sims
White Rabbit Red Rabbit
as Gloucester in "King Lear"
as Richard Russell
as Sims
as William Gillette
as Tom Snout
as Mr. Anagnos
As Lord Aster

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Craig MacDonald

Actor, Director, Musician

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